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José Luis Bermúdez | Professor

Ph.D., Philosophy, Cambridge University (King's College), 1992

Research Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Rationality, Cognitive Science.

Current Course Schedule

  • PHIL 240-200. Introduction to Logic (Honors). TR 2:20-3:35. HELD 111
  • PHIL 412-500. 17th Century Philosophy. TR 5:30-6:45. YMCA 113

Office Hours: by appointment

José Luis Bermúdez is Professor of Philosophy at Texas A&M University, where he  previously served as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and as Associate Provost for Strategic Planning. Before joining Texas A&M in 2010 he was Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Center for Programs in Arts and Sciences, and Director of the Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program at Washington University in St. Louis.

Dr. Bermúdez has more than 100 publications, including five single-author books and six edited volumes. His research interests are interdisciplinary in nature at the intersection of philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. His first book, The Paradox of Self-Consciousness (MIT Press, 1998) analyzed the nature of self-awareness. Thinking without Words (Oxford UP, 2003) offered a model for thinking about the cognitive achievements and abilities of prelinguistic infants an nonlinguistiuc humans. Decision Theory and Rationality (Oxford UP, 2009) explores tensions in how the concept of rationality is defined and formalized in different academic disciplines. The second edition of his textbook Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Science of the Mind was published by Cambridge University Press in March 2014. He is the editor of the New Problems in Philosophy book series, published by Routledge. He is currently completing a book on the first person in language and thought, in addition to papers in the philosophy of mind and the theory of rationality.

Department of Philosophy, Texas A&M University, 4237 TAMU, College Station, TX 77843-4237 • tel: (979) 845-5660, fax: (979) 845-0458
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